Winning auctions early on DealDash

Each auction on follows a unique path to its conclusion that depends on the people bidding. Some auctions end immediately at $0 with no one bidding while others stretch on for days or even weeks with high rollers queuing up 1000’s of bids at a time. If there is a car on DealDash it is extremely unlikely for that auction to end early. However, there are many other fairly expensive items that frequently go for a couple dollars or less. The trick to know which items these are and then use the information on this site to form a strategy.

For example let’s take this nearly $900 pot Aava Elements Stainless Steel Casserole Pot. It’s a fairly pricey item that frequently is bought at an exceedingly steep discount. There are even times where it only had a single bidder who got it for $0.01, although more frequently it goes for less than $3. I believe there is a specific reason why sometimes auctions end early and other times they drag on for hours with continuous bidding and that is because of people’s expectations.

If someone is bidding on an expensive item they don’t expect that item to sell for a cheap price, so when the bidding is at 5 cents people typically won’t want to throw down hundreds of bids because the auction is unlikely to end soon and their bids would be wasted. If this sentiment is shared by nearly everyone bidding on the item then the opposite will happen and the auction will actually end soon because no one is willing throw in early bids. This gives you an opportunity to swoop in and take the item for cheap with a little early aggressive bidding.

The key here is to know what types of items this strategy works on and when to apply it. Medium or low popularity items are frequent on Dealdash and will give you the best likelihood of having early ending auctions. The time and day of the auction is also important. You will be bidding against fewer competing bidders during workdays and in the middle of the night, and the less bidders means the auction is likely to end earlier. You can see on the history of a product’s auctions and you can see at what time the early ending auctions started. You should also use this site to see who you’re bidding against at the beginning of the auction. You can look at each user’s history to see if they are someone who only puts down a few bids at the beginning or someone more aggressive with wining early auctions. And as always, stay away from the high rollers who will put seeming incomprehensible amounts of bids down for garbage products.

If you follow these strategies you should be able to consistently win auctions while spending less than the Buy It Now price, but keep in mind this strategy is useless for very popular items like Computers or Phones, for those you shouldn’t waste time on Dealdash, get them on Ebay.