100 Real Products You Can Win on DealDash for Under a Buck

Think you’ll get that brand new iPhone for 69 cents?

Unlikely. But you could pick up a fancy iPhone case for under a buck.

Here are some of the names you’ll find in the lower-priced tier of products on DealDash. With careful bidding you could pick up many of these items for next to nothing.

Ashlynn Avenue

Honestly, about half of the list of 100 products is made up of Ashlynn Avenue jewelry. Good luck finding anything about whatever company makes these or where they come from. If it’s gold, it’s gold plated. Nothing they make is worth more than $12 on eBay so if you can pick it up for under a buck that’s a great deal.

Verdict Phone Cases and Clothes

Verdict Iphone Case
Another company you probably never heard of. You can get Cheap phone cases from the iPhone 6 and up. Again these aren’t really worth any more than $12 and often a lot less, so if you’re spending more than a buck on one of these, you’re getting ripped off. Luckily it’s easy to pick up one of these for under $1. Verdict also has some clothing like hats and underwear if you’re into keeping your body covered by synthetic fibers.

Bid Packs

Use bids to get more bids? Sure why not.

100 bid packs are the easiest to get for under a dollar. About a quarter of all auctions end at less than $1. As the size of the bid packs increases the inverse happens to your chance of nabbing it at a good price. 800 bid packs sell under $1 only 6% of the time, and forget about anything bigger.

Gift Cards

Amazon Gift Cards
The gift cards that typically sell for under a buck are also most often used to buy the other sub-dollar items from companies you never heard of, only at retail price. that $50 Barrel Shack gift card is worth about $1 since Barrel Shack products are generally worth 1/50th of their retail price. But it’s not a bad idea to get these if you wanted to exchange them for Free bids.

And without further Ado, below is the continuously updated list of the most popular auctions selling for less than $1 during the previous month.

100 Products that can be won for less than $1 on DealDash.com

Product NameName of product on Deal Dash
% < $1How likely, as a perecentage, this product will end before the bids get to $1
Buy It Now$The Price you can buy it now on Deal Dash without bidding
Avg BidAverage of what Product typically auctions for
Schultz ZycraPulse™ Shoulder Massager17%$329$17.36
The Earth Company – Natural Paper Shoulder Bag40%$165$3.32
Adamant – X-Core Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack, Yellow100%$159$0.72
150 Bid Pack!26%$90$3.78
Veho Muvi KZ-1 Dash HD Camera & Rearview HD Camera Bundle20%$500$36.91
Bardenshire Image of Aten I57-304 – Water Fountain12%$435$8.85
Adamant – X-Core Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack – Red25%$159$16.82
Verdict. Instigator Portable Bluetooth Speaker 20%$185$7.63
25 Bids + $25 Cracker Barrel Gift Card!5%$40$23.97
Ashlynn Avenue Laureline by the Sea 18K Rose-Gold Plated Woven Ring – Size 6 40%$150$2.55
Senz° XXL Umbrella – Pure Black 22%$90$6.25
Senz° Smart Umbrella – Sunset Red 28%$45$3.32
Ashlynn Avenue Keira 18K Gold-Plated Pearl Pendant 33%$150$3.69
Veho DX-2 USB 5MP Microscope 12%$200$22.26
Schultz – Q-Tech Bluetooth Headphones1%$510$30.03
Schultz SQ-5DB AudioEngineer Double Bass In-Ear Headphones17%$360$10.57
Sheaffer Prelude Radiant Magenta Ballpoint Pen 33%$130$8.69
Veho – 6 Port USB Charging Hub + Qi Wireless Charging Cradle30%$140$9.01
Schultz Crystal Portable Bluetooth Speaker20%$339$11.71
Ashlynn Avenue Rhea 18K White Gold Plated Gemstone Pendant 18%$220$5.70
Adamant AtmosProtect Waterproof Case – iPhone Xs Max53%$85$2.03
Black Eye Pro Cinema Wide Lens for Smartphones41%$70$3.55
The Earth Company – 100% Naturally Dyed Socks, Women's 25%$50$4.71
20 bids + $10 Arby's Gift Card5%$22$22.51
Ashlynn Avenue – Mia Caught a Star, White Gold-Plated, 1 Ctw Ring – Size 6 22%$160$3.17
Aava – Elements Stainless Steel Sauté Pan with lid13%$990$17.52
325 Bid Pack!19%$195$5.53
100 Bid Pack!34%$60$2.33
Isselle Auden Sheet Set – King, Slate Grey25%$190$5.92
1000 Bid Pack!7%$600$23.52
Senz° Sam – Cafe Latte18%$170$6.71
375 Bid Pack!12%$225$8.61
Ashlynn Avenue – Abigail at the Winter Dance, White Gold-Plated, 2 Ct Pendant 26%$150$3.72
Saint Laurent Square Sunglasses – Black / Green33%$395$8.96
225 Bid Pack!19%$135$4.82
Sheaffer Stylus Collection Matte Black Ballpoint and Stylus Pen 10%$350$8.80
Wilson & Miller Patriot's 50pc Drill Bit Set 21%$65$5.25
Veho M2 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Twin Pack21%$140$6.66
Tonfisk WARM Espresso Cup – Black/Walnut 47%$42$1.92
Luxury Linens™ Premium Super Plush Down Fiber Comforter – King/CalKing – White5%$120$11.66
Arcadia 360° Pro Series Virtual Reality Headset – 2-pack31%$40$4.41
Sheaffer Sentinel Chrome Ballpoint Pen & Mechanical Pencil Set w/ Gold Plated Appointments 4%$463$11.25
Judith Leiber Night Ladies – 2.5oz EDT41%$145$3.66
125 Bid Pack!32%$75$3.15
Émilie & Théo – Jane the triceratops 24%$95$4.47
The Barrel Shack™ – Pascale – Handmade Duffel Bag 33%$230$6.54
Ashlynn Avenue Paloma in the Snow 18K Rose-Gold Plated Charm Bracelet 20%$190$5.43
Judith Leiber Amethyst Ladies – 2.5oz EDP Spray9%$175$7.57
Ashlynn Avenue Amira 18K Rose Gold-Plated Drop Earrings 28%$170$4.33
Senz° Lou – Café Latte23%$170$5.97
Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven Toy40%$50$10.59
300 Bid Pack!14%$180$7.50
Wilson & Miller – 8-in-1 Army Multi-Tool16%$95$7.02
The Barrel Shack™ – The Royce – Handmade XL Clock with Display Box 8%$1350$28.81
Verdict. Wave Flamingo Float Pink – Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker 50%$155$6.26
Ashlynn Avenue Roselle 18K Rose Gold-Plated Link Bracelet 17%$260$5.73
Ashlynn Avenue – Briony in the Moonlight, White Gold-Plated, 0.9 Ctw Stud Earrings 29%$105$3.33
FATBOY® Uniek Sunglasses – Crystal Clear100%$99$0.15
$50 The Barrel Shack™ eGift Card43%$50$1.98
Isselle Auden Duvet Cover – King, Natural Beige 50%$180$6.80
Ashlynn Avenue Sorelle 18K Gold Plated Fresh Water Pearl Open Necklace 23%$240$4.84
Sheaffer Prelude Mini Gloss Lavender w/ Nickel Plate Trim Ballpoint Pen 16%$450$11.77
LEGO Friends Heartlake Summer Pool33%$50$9.25
The Barrel Shack™ – The Barry – Handmade Wall Storage with Drawers10%$985$29.40
Magisso™ – Cutting Board Collect19%$79$7.13
The Barrel Shack™ – The Conquest – Handmade Train Clock 7%$1280$29.81
Isselle Hampton Jacquard Throw – Soft Velvet Hexagonal Stitch Throw Blanket 11%$190$11.58
Senz° Lou – Shiny Silver 12%$170$5.06
Ashlynn Avenue Solana 18K Gold Plated Sunburst Drop Pendant 28%$150$4.72
Ashlynn Avenue – Symphony Luna 18K White-Gold 0.4 Ctw Plated Ring – Size 641%$120$2.48
Senz° Smart XL Umbrella – Black Out 25%$50$4.38
Senz° Smart Umbrella – Deep Blue33%$45$3.35
Sheaffer Stylus Collection Matte Blue Ballpoint and Stylus Pen 20%$350$7.91
Ashlynn Avenue – Ariel at the Concert, Silver-Plated, 0.5 Ct Pendant24%$150$4.63
South Dakota 1500 Bid Pack! Did you know…12%$900$48.93
Sheaffer Viewpoint Calligraphy Pen – Yellow 44%$135$3.10
Isselle Auden Sheet & Duvet Cover Set – King – White Ivory 9%$340$10.17
Kansas 1000 Bid Pack! Did you know…12%$600$22.77
Wilson & Miller 10-Piece Multi Tool & Tactical Blade 12%$115$6.86
20 bids + $10 Subway Gift Card8%$22$14.43
Ashlynn Avenue Adelyn 18K White Gold-Plated Gemstone Earrings 15%$240$6.34
Cross Auden Reading Glasses – 1.75 Diopter 33%$88$3.71
Eternity Ladies by Calvin Klein – 3.4oz – EDP Spray6%$88$8.35
Ashlynn Avenue – Symphony Faye 18K White-Gold Plated 2.6 Ctw Button Drop Earrings 40%$150$2.94
Luxury Linens™ Premium Super Plush Down Fiber Comforter – Full/Queen – White10%$120$9.01
Star Wars Luke Skywalker Battle Simulation Helmet50%$117$12.43
275 Bid Pack!24%$165$6.20
Volsen – TurboFin Steam Iron14%$240$7.49
Ashlynn Avenue – Symphony Lois 18K White-Gold Plated 0.4 Ctw Wrap Ring – Size 636%$120$1.79
Sheaffer Intensity Cornflower Blue Fountain Pen 16%$190$5.84
South Dakota 500 Bid Pack! Did you know…11%$300$15.25
Veho M2 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 37%$70$3.58
Joshua Steinberg – Crystal Sommelier Red Wine Glass, Pair22%$279$8.88
Magisso – Happy Pet Project, Large Food and Water Bowls – Pink28%$105$4.73
Isselle Beaufort Sheet Set – Queen, Natural Beige 4%$170$7.44
New Haven – Pure Harmony Scale13%$229$10.55
Ashlynn Avenue Sorelle 18K White-Gold Plated Fresh Water Pearl Open Necklace 25%$250$5.47
Senz° Manual Umbrella – Shiny Silver 27%$60$4.83
Jade Marie Inspirational Tote – Saddle21%$109$8.36
Ashlynn Avenue – Symphony Emerson 18K White-Gold Plated 2.7 Ctw Crown Cascade Pendant13%$160$5.82