100 Real Products You Can Win on DealDash for Under a Buck

Think you’ll get that brand new iPhone for 69 cents?

Unlikely. But you could pick up a fancy iPhone case for under a buck.

Here are some of the names you’ll find in the lower-priced tier of products on DealDash. With careful bidding you could pick up many of these items for next to nothing.

Ashlynn Avenue

Honestly, about half of the list of 100 products is made up of Ashlynn Avenue jewelry. Good luck finding anything about whatever company makes these or where they come from. If it’s gold, it’s gold plated. Nothing they make is worth more than $12 on eBay so if you can pick it up for under a buck that’s a great deal.

Verdict Phone Cases and Clothes

Verdict Iphone Case
Another company you probably never heard of. You can get Cheap phone cases from the iPhone 6 and up. Again these aren’t really worth any more than $12 and often a lot less, so if you’re spending more than a buck on one of these, you’re getting ripped off. Luckily it’s easy to pick up one of these for under $1. Verdict also has some clothing like hats and underwear if you’re into keeping your body covered by synthetic fibers.

Bid Packs

Use bids to get more bids? Sure why not.

100 bid packs are the easiest to get for under a dollar. About a quarter of all auctions end at less than $1. As the size of the bid packs increases the inverse happens to your chance of nabbing it at a good price. 800 bid packs sell under $1 only 6% of the time, and forget about anything bigger.

Gift Cards

Amazon Gift Cards
The gift cards that typically sell for under a buck are also most often used to buy the other sub-dollar items from companies you never heard of, only at retail price. that $50 Barrel Shack gift card is worth about $1 since Barrel Shack products are generally worth 1/50th of their retail price. But it’s not a bad idea to get these if you wanted to exchange them for Free bids.

And without further Ado, below is the continuously updated list of the most popular auctions selling for less than $1 during the previous month.

100 Products that can be won for less than $1 on DealDash.com

Product NameName of product on Deal Dash
% < $1How likely, as a perecentage, this product will end before the bids get to $1
Buy It Now$The Price you can buy it now on Deal Dash without bidding
Avg BidAverage of what Product typically auctions for
Luxury Linens – 6 Piece Sheet Set Solid Microfiber Ultra Soft Bedding – Grey – Full19%$100$4.87
Voice of Insiders SeaCell VOI Pocket 7/8 Legging – Black Heather – Large20%$95$3.82
Aaron Hicks Baltimore Orioles Autographed Baseball – Fanatics Authentic Certified16%$100$5.71
Longvadon Women s Medium Apple Watch Band Double Pack – Black/White42%$118$1.68
Special Sailing into Sales 160 Bid Pack!14%$96$4.05
Somtex Ergonomic Curved Pillow 10%$415$11.64
Jack Rogers Flip Flop – Marina Blue – Women s Size 716%$44$2.57
Crayo X DealDash – Auction Tick Tock Watch12%$100$3.17
Magisso Happy Pets Project – Cat Bowl w/ Heart Shape, 4.7-inch – Black28%$25$4.01
Psycho Tuna – Pool Shorts S – Classic Surf Life Peach100%$55$0.12
Panacea White Earrings42%$55$1.77
Jack Rogers Flip Flop – Marina Blue – Women s Size 840%$44$1.38
REALHER Lip Liner – Set of 919%$117$4.61
Chef s Design Purifry Cover with filter13%$37$4.57
Thaynards Montana Pet Cube6%$180$7.56
Eternal 4 Piece Sable Gray Sheet Set – California King9%$78$4.71
HAPPY SiNKS Sponge Holder – Steel+ Magisso Dish Brush Holder33%$59$2.51
REALHER Brow Setting Gel- Eye Am Complete – Set of 427%$64$2.55
Wilcott Weaves – Silver Falls Rug 4%$2900$37.13
Wilcott Weaves – Perfectly On Point Rug 4%$3500$32.60
Tri Mountain Men s Pullover Shirt – XL – Assorted Colors – Set of 326%$76$3.83
Jennifer Adams – Essentials 3 Piece Subtle Plum Microfiber Duvet Set – King/California King 17%$89$4.58
Kamikoto 7-Inch Santoku Chef s Knife + Nokogiriha Bread Knife7%$403$6.96
Nautica Reversible Women s Belt Blush/White – Medium – Set of 230%$80$2.10
L or De Seraphine Iris Medium Ceramic Jar Candle – Set of 47%$144$9.19
Reebok Women s Sherpa Hood Puffer Jacket Black Black – M14%$165$3.79
Aava Underhu00e5lla 5 Piece Cheeseboard Serving Set25%$190$7.90
$10 Gift Card of Your Choice 100%$10$0.01
Magisso – Naturally Cooling Ceramic Carafe18%$60$2.43
Palmero Women s Sunglasses – Alessandra – Midnight Black 18%$320$10.53
Reebok Women s Classics Vector Cropped Sherpa Track Jacket Modern Beige – L25%$95$2.72
Ellen Tracy Rectangle Reading Glasses – Transparent Orange – 2.50 Diopter25%$40$2.02
Quoizel – Annika – Imperial Silver 3 Light Chandelier3%$1050$10.90
Ellen Tracy Rectangle Reading Glasses Sunglasses Set – Matte Black – 2.00 Diopter26%$40$2.19
Special Inventory Liquidation Week 163 Bid Pack!10%$98$4.48
Timeless Treasures Black Box Square Decanter Set16%$85$4.51
Kamikoto – Senshi Dual Knife Set with Wooden Display Stand + Steak Knives Set14%$572$12.32
Kamikoto Kuro Series Knife Set5%$499$13.48
Fofana Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids 32-Piece5%$100$5.33
Special Inventory Liquidation Week 361 Bid Pack!6%$217$9.97
Isselle Beaufort Sheet Set – Queen, Midnight Blue28%$170$2.80
Baddle Women s Cut Out Tank Top – Jaded Navy – Small – Set of 250%$100$2.47
Wilcott Weaves – Dappled Cloud Rug 4%$2400$24.41
Jennifer Adams – Lux 3 Piece Coastal Blue Microfiber Duvet Set – King/California King 16%$139$5.32
Joshua Steinberg Beaumont Ceramic Collection – Plate Set 16%$370$8.54
375 Bid Pack!3%$225$8.09
Luxury Linens Ultra Soft Ribbon Pattern 4 Piece Bed Sheet Set- King- Gray25%$90$2.37
Psycho Tuna Tie Dye Beanie Olive23%$30$2.62
Joshua Steinberg – Classic Safaro Ottoman Series – Heilan Coos 1%$1050$23.83
W P Ultimate Ice Making Bundle4%$91$7.73
Verdict – Out of the Blue Miki hat23%$88$2.70
Bertha Marisol Swiss MOP Leather-Band Watch – Blue8%$470$8.06
Reebok Women s Sherpa Hood Puffer Jacket Black Black – S19%$165$3.06
Cole Haan Unisex Sunglasses – Black9%$145$4.91
Nautica Women s Logo Belt Red – XL – Set of 219%$80$2.39
Jennifer Adams – Eternal Linen Microfiber Duvet Cover – King/California King19%$149$3.41
Joshua Steinberg – Glass Barista, Carafe 17%$109$3.87
lilah b. Palette Perfection Eye Quad Bundle 12%$139$4.20
Tonfisk WARM Espresso Cup – Cream/Walnut 50%$42$1.18
Ellen Tracy Rectangle Reading Glasses Sunglasses Set – Brown Tortoise – 2.00 Diopter37%$40$2.16
Jennifer Adams – Lux Linen Microfiber Duvet Cover – Twin 41%$119$2.26
Tri-Mountain Men s Layer Knit Jacket M – Black Heather Grey – Set of 2 33%$99$2.70
Adamant – The Ultimate Travel Flask – Black 25%$150$2.56
Ellen Tracy Rectangle Reading Glasses – Transparent Orange – 2.00 Diopter40%$40$1.64
15 Pairs! ASICS All Sport Court Knee High Mens Socks Knee High – Neon Green – M23%$105$2.44
Tri-Mountain Men s Pullover Sweatshirt L – Assorted Colors – Set of 433%$158$3.08
Ministry of Supply Aero Dress Shirt Sky Blue End on End – XL Slim11%$128$2.34
Palmero Treasure Trove Silk Scarf 13%$260$7.43
Luxury Linens – 6 Piece Sheet Set Solid Microfiber Ultra Soft Bedding – Aqua – King7%$110$6.56
Baddle Women s 3-Inch Inseam 2-in-1 Split Pickleball Short – Large – Set of 427%$220$4.24
lilah b. Flawless Finish Foundation b. pure Bundle 15%$72$4.05
8 Pairs! Puma Boys Team Knee High Soccer Socks – Orange – M100%$81$0.77
lilah b. Bronzer Set 7%$84$4.35
$10 TJX Gift Card + 20 bids10%$22$3.80
Balance Collection Leggings – Zinfandel Animal Speckle – Small – Set of 2100%$60$0.25
Palmero Aadavan Vase13%$280$4.41
Kamikoto – Kanpeki Knife Set 1000/3000 Toishi Whetstone7%$482$11.78
Millstrand Co. Delilah Camisole- Cocoa brown – XS 40%$85$2.89
Ministry of Supply Aero Dress Shirt Blue on Blue Grid – XXL Slim18%$128$3.56
Jack Rogers Flip Flop – Citrus – Women s Size 736%$44$1.82
The Barrel Shack The Leonardo9%$390$12.11
Spyder Men s Parka – Polar – Medium33%$299$4.26
Bliss Hammocks Backpack Aluminum Beach Chair W/ Side Pocket Detachable Cooler Bag – Blue Flower 4%$100$9.84
Kate Spade New York Defensive Folio Case for iPhone 14 Plus – Black34%$65$1.94
Veho DS-6 Qi 15W Universal Super Fast Wireless Charging Pad for Smartphones 6%$100$4.95
$10 Walmart Gift Card + 20 Bids6%$22$5.18
OKA – Set of Twelve Bird Paintings10%$495$7.88
Adamant X-Trek Boots – Size 9 Women s – Storm Grey9%$320$4.62
Millstrand Co. Island Bath Collection – Bathrobe, New England Dusk, M8%$320$9.01
Twin Bundle – Wilson Miller Tactical Crossbody Bag- Set of 216%$400$6.47
lilah b. Flawless Finish Foundation b. timeless bundle 23%$72$2.22
Adamant PowerMax Boxing Gloves – 14 oz.20%$220$2.09
Jack Rogers Kennedy Flip Flop – Magenta – Women s Size 628%$44$1.76
Lamborghini Belt Bag50%$195$6.67
Spyder Men s Print Circuit Block Puffer Jacket – Black – Medium17%$199$4.50
Veho – M3 Bluetooth wireless speaker7%$80$4.01
Verdict – Hot Air Maroon Miki hat30%$88$3.29
Tri-Mountain Men s Pullover Sweatshirt M – Assorted Colors – Set of 2 11%$79$3.28
Marion s Kitchen Wave Platter Bowl Set – Terracotta – Set of 212%$158$4.94
PAIKKA Visibility Winter Jacket Pink – 3020%$110$2.80