Deal Dash Analytic Data

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Auction ID:78421
Product Name:20 Bids + $25 Subway Gift Card!($37)
# bidders:3
Start Time:1/1/1000 00:00
End Time:1/1/1000 00:00
Total Bids Logged:8
Active Bidders:0

Total BidsHow many bids this user has spent on this auciton so far
Last Bid
Auctions (won)[%]Total number of auctions this user has participated in, ()’s is how many have won, []’s is the percentage
AvgBids/ AuctionThe average number of bids this user typically puts down on an auction
ELOHow effective this user is at winning auctions with fewest bids. Lower means better.
DontWasteUrBid4$2.884229 (242) [5.7%]142476
ggillin1$2.871 (0) [0.0%]10
rd39513$2.864 (0) [0.0%]90