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Auction ID:9003277
Product Name:Bardenshire Image of Aten I57-304 – Water Fountain($435)
# bidders:3
Start Time:1/1/1000 00:00
End Time:1/1/1000 00:00
Total Bids Logged:3
Active Bidders:0

Total BidsHow many bids this user has spent on this auciton so far
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AvgBids/ AuctionThe average number of bids this user typically puts down on an auction
ELOHow effective this user is at winning auctions with fewest bids. Lower means better.
dj_vit1$0.03748 (1523) [203.6%]108252
Tonikres1$0.0226926 (5138) [19.1%]911742
WatchMe1$0.0169183 (2505) [3.6%]134808