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This is the product data for Paititi Conivara Ring which can be bought at steep discount on DealDash. Use the information on this page to see how often this item is auctioned off, what it usually sells for, and which users are winning it. This is exclusive and free information not available anywhere else to help you get items cheaply online. Remember shipping is always free on

Avg End Price$4.61
Min End Price$0.40
Max End Price$30.18
# of Auctions:131

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BiddersThe current number of active bidders on the auction
9232790Paititi Conivara Ring$6.39-1
9223837Paititi Conivara Ring$1.69-1
9215974Paititi Conivara Ring$2.30-1
9200032Paititi Conivara Ring$17.29-1
9190217Paititi Conivara Ring$0.82-1
9159563Paititi Conivara Ring$6.74-1
9126326Paititi Conivara Ring$0.02-1
9123708Paititi Conivara Ring$3.98-1
9118872Paititi Conivara Ring$8.88-1
9117321Paititi Conivara Ring$8.26-1
9115049Paititi Conivara Ring$10.35-1
9110342Paititi Conivara Ring$6.51-1
9108165Paititi Conivara Ring$0.37-1
9105367Paititi Conivara Ring$1.30-1
9103381Paititi Conivara Ring$16.18-1
9098669Paititi Conivara Ring$4.32-1
9096324Paititi Conivara Ring$8.80-1
9094143Paititi Conivara Ring$2.72-1
9090288Paititi Conivara Ring$0.16-1
9088352Paititi Conivara Ring$1.30-1
9083473Paititi Conivara Ring$1.62-1
9079146Paititi Conivara Ring$2.32-1
9076194Paititi Conivara Ring$1.03-1
9074370Paititi Conivara Ring$13.17-1
9071573Paititi Conivara Ring$3.65-1
9069262Paititi Conivara Ring$8.50-1
9064283Paititi Conivara Ring$12.88-1
9062409Paititi Conivara Ring$0.00-1
9059704Paititi Conivara Ring$5.70-1
9057923Paititi Conivara Ring$2.88-1
9053469Paititi Conivara Ring$2.99-1
9048452Paititi Conivara Ring$2.64-1
9046247Paititi Conivara Ring$2.17-1
9043632Paititi Conivara Ring$0.56-1
9041833Paititi Conivara Ring$3.32-1
9039251Paititi Conivara Ring$9.98-1
9030202Paititi Conivara Ring$30.18-1
9025166Paititi Conivara Ring$9.28-1
9023353Paititi Conivara Ring$1.26-1
9020987Paititi Conivara Ring$2.02-1
9019205Paititi Conivara Ring$8.59-1
9016921Paititi Conivara Ring$15.29-1
9014893Paititi Conivara Ring$0.12-1
9012188Paititi Conivara Ring$0.64-1
9007609Paititi Conivara Ring$3.91-1
9005285Paititi Conivara Ring$9.00-1
9002787Paititi Conivara Ring$7.98-1
9000756Paititi Conivara Ring$10.79-1
8998559Paititi Conivara Ring$0.23-1
8996425Paititi Conivara Ring$0.83-1
8994362Paititi Conivara Ring$0.00-1
8993689Paititi Conivara Ring$1.32-1
8991692Paititi Conivara Ring$0.14-1
8981564Paititi Conivara Ring$2.77-1
8979273Paititi Conivara Ring$6.22-1
8978889Paititi Conivara Ring$9.24-1
8977064Paititi Conivara Ring$2.11-1
8976330Paititi Conivara Ring$0.02-1
8974655Paititi Conivara Ring$6.91-1
8974255Paititi Conivara Ring$0.32-1
8972468Paititi Conivara Ring$3.34-1
8972442Paititi Conivara Ring$2.41-1
8970306Paititi Conivara Ring$0.43-1
8970283Paititi Conivara Ring$0.26-1
8967788Paititi Conivara Ring$2.60-1
8965603Paititi Conivara Ring$8.08-1
8965367Paititi Conivara Ring$0.97-1
8963074Paititi Conivara Ring$1.83-1
8960969Paititi Conivara Ring$0.25-1
8960882Paititi Conivara Ring$0.87-1
8957385Paititi Conivara Ring$5.30-1
8957250Paititi Conivara Ring$1.14-1
8954890Paititi Conivara Ring$1.94-1
8952830Paititi Conivara Ring$7.98-1
8950994Paititi Conivara Ring$1.82-1
8950930Paititi Conivara Ring$1.32-1
8948018Paititi Conivara Ring$5.75-1
8947779Paititi Conivara Ring$16.23-1
8946062Paititi Conivara Ring$2.50-1
8942548Paititi Conivara Ring$14.17-1
8940352Paititi Conivara Ring$6.87-1
8938285Paititi Conivara Ring$0.71-1
8935970Paititi Conivara Ring$0.15-1
8935704Paititi Conivara Ring$1.20-1
8933481Paititi Conivara Ring$2.04-1
8930760Paititi Conivara Ring$4.11-1
8928933Paititi Conivara Ring$1.26-1
8926713Paititi Conivara Ring$1.37-1
8926591Paititi Conivara Ring$4.54-1
8923578Paititi Conivara Ring$1.87-1
8921222Paititi Conivara Ring$0.59-1
8918729Paititi Conivara Ring$5.52-1
8916034Paititi Conivara Ring$12.94-1
8915972Paititi Conivara Ring$7.83-1
8914143Paititi Conivara Ring$1.47-1
8914039Paititi Conivara Ring$0.13-1
8911774Paititi Conivara Ring$0.77-1
8911149Paititi Conivara Ring$7.10-1
8909136Paititi Conivara Ring$1.84-1
8908211Paititi Conivara Ring$0.34-1
8906441Paititi Conivara Ring$0.62-1
8906166Paititi Conivara Ring$8.29-1
8903545Paititi Conivara Ring$4.72-1
8903283Paititi Conivara Ring$5.91-1
8901486Paititi Conivara Ring$1.44-1
8900923Paititi Conivara Ring$6.24-1
8898461Paititi Conivara Ring$2.08-1
8898353Paititi Conivara Ring$5.38-1
8896437Paititi Conivara Ring$0.58-1
8896144Paititi Conivara Ring$0.88-1
8894446Paititi Conivara Ring$0.05-1
8894245Paititi Conivara Ring$2.17-1
8891876Paititi Conivara Ring$1.57-1
8891324Paititi Conivara Ring$5.66-1
8889452Paititi Conivara Ring$0.25-1
8888747Paititi Conivara Ring$3.45-1
8886194Paititi Conivara Ring$4.76-1
8886145Paititi Conivara Ring$1.60-1
8884285Paititi Conivara Ring$4.94-1
8883725Paititi Conivara Ring$0.11-1
8881643Paititi Conivara Ring$0.00-1
8881330Paititi Conivara Ring$11.09-1
8879560Paititi Conivara Ring$0.40-1
8879022Paititi Conivara Ring$18.07-1
8876749Paititi Conivara Ring$8.45-1
8876378Paititi Conivara Ring$10.58-1
8874192Paititi Conivara Ring$1.58-1
8873728Paititi Conivara Ring$4.21-1
8872116Paititi Conivara Ring$17.25-1
8868413Paititi Conivara Ring$18.60-1
8868407Paititi Conivara Ring$1.17-1