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This is the product data for Paititi Conivara Ring which can be bought at steep discount on DealDash. Use the information on this page to see how often this item is auctioned off, what it usually sells for, and which users are winning it. This is exclusive and free information not available anywhere else to help you get items cheaply online. Remember shipping is always free on

Avg End Price$3.99
Min End Price$0.01
Max End Price$11.50
# of Auctions:125

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BiddersThe current number of active bidders on the auction
10459349Paititi Conivara Ring$9.63-1
10401074Paititi Conivara Ring$8.04-1
10288498Paititi Conivara Ring$4.89-1
10176447Paititi Conivara Ring$0.15-1
10023143Paititi Conivara Ring$4.18-1
9993626Paititi Conivara Ring$2.10-1
9991333Paititi Conivara Ring$9.42-1
9960497Paititi Conivara Ring$4.07-1
9950948Paititi Conivara Ring$2.16-1
9932055Paititi Conivara Ring$2.18-1
9931977Paititi Conivara Ring$1.87-1
9930864Paititi Conivara Ring$7.75-1
9930844Paititi Conivara Ring$0.75-1
9930841Paititi Conivara Ring$2.47-1
9930780Paititi Conivara Ring$2.47-1
9930733Paititi Conivara Ring$4.92-1
9930627Paititi Conivara Ring$3.32-1
9926531Paititi Conivara Ring$1.53-1
9926384Paititi Conivara Ring$3.05-1
9924416Paititi Conivara Ring$3.06-1
9920253Paititi Conivara Ring$0.42-1
9920100Paititi Conivara Ring$2.45-1
9917934Paititi Conivara Ring$1.48-1
9915713Paititi Conivara Ring$2.74-1
9915617Paititi Conivara Ring$1.40-1
9915445Paititi Conivara Ring$2.06-1
9915365Paititi Conivara Ring$0.46-1
9913217Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9912988Paititi Conivara Ring$8.59-1
9910908Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9910679Paititi Conivara Ring$2.44-1
9907999Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9907770Paititi Conivara Ring$7.76-1
9905881Paititi Conivara Ring$8.26-1
9905712Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9903645Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9903537Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9901179Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9901124Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9898564Paititi Conivara Ring$0.81-1
9898544Paititi Conivara Ring$11.50-1
9896638Paititi Conivara Ring$1.91-1
9896514Paititi Conivara Ring$0.93-1
9896370Paititi Conivara Ring$11.03-1
9894154Paititi Conivara Ring$1.49-1
9894083Paititi Conivara Ring$4.56-1
9893977Paititi Conivara Ring$2.13-1
9886408Paititi Conivara Ring$0.26-1
9886406Paititi Conivara Ring$0.44-1
9886271Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9886230Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9886178Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9885954Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9885905Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9885858Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9885798Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9885774Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9885727Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9885589Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9885563Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9885479Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9885382Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9883052Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9882944Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9882916Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9882887Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9880571Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9880550Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9880479Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9880341Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9878337Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9878238Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9878224Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9878155Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9875742Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9875692Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9875688Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9875595Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9875517Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9875483Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9875414Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9875395Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9873546Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9873417Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9868939Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9868910Paititi Conivara Ring$1.68-1
9868581Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9868551Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9866161Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9866034Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9863869Paititi Conivara Ring$2.07-1
9863864Paititi Conivara Ring$3.85-1
9861942Paititi Conivara Ring$4.88-1
9861783Paititi Conivara Ring$1.75-1
9861581Paititi Conivara Ring$10.62-1
9859856Paititi Conivara Ring$8.94-1
9859831Paititi Conivara Ring$5.91-1
9845463Paititi Conivara Ring$6.10-1
9843364Paititi Conivara Ring$2.02-1
9837246Paititi Conivara Ring$7.68-1
9837151Paititi Conivara Ring$7.53-1
9837080Paititi Conivara Ring$1.33-1
9834552Paititi Conivara Ring$0.49-1
9832528Paititi Conivara Ring$6.12-1
9830711Paititi Conivara Ring$2.22-1
9830351Paititi Conivara Ring$1.77-1
9825573Paititi Conivara Ring$4.43-1
9821517Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9821403Paititi Conivara Ring$8.20-1
9820919Paititi Conivara Ring$7.87-1
9820793Paititi Conivara Ring$0.56-1
9818458Paititi Conivara Ring$3.04-1
9816343Paititi Conivara Ring$3.81-1
9816326Paititi Conivara Ring$2.23-1
9814189Paititi Conivara Ring$0.09-1
9812396Paititi Conivara Ring$10.78-1
9805997Paititi Conivara Ring$11.09-1
9773244Paititi Conivara Ring$1.83-1
9745763Paititi Conivara Ring$1.00-1
9671469Paititi Conivara Ring$3.06-1
9658127Paititi Conivara Ring$0.000
9622750Paititi Conivara Ring$0.01-1
9602668Paititi Conivara Ring$1.54-1
9595513Paititi Conivara Ring$3.26-1
9549893Paititi Conivara Ring$11.06-1