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This is the product data for Palmero Giri Necklace which can be bought at steep discount on DealDash. Use the information on this page to see how often this item is auctioned off, what it usually sells for, and which users are winning it. This is exclusive and free information not available anywhere else to help you get items cheaply online. Remember shipping is always free on

Avg End Price$8.40
Min End Price$0.08
Max End Price$33.38
# of Auctions:24

Auction IDThe numbers at the end of the auction URL on
NameThe name of the product on Deal Dash
Bid$The current bid price on DealDash
BiddersThe current number of active bidders on the auction
9752084Palmero Giri Necklace$9.16-1
9726249Palmero Giri Necklace$4.14-1
9712157Palmero Giri Necklace$6.21-1
9682393Palmero Giri Necklace$6.52-1
9680216Palmero Giri Necklace$0.23-1
9675843Palmero Giri Necklace$5.14-1
9664500Palmero Giri Necklace$16.83-1
9654085Palmero Giri Necklace$8.24-1
9651464Palmero Giri Necklace$0.39-1
9645083Palmero Giri Necklace$5.95-1
9638577Palmero Giri Necklace$1.88-1
9636386Palmero Giri Necklace$4.03-1
9595536Palmero Giri Necklace$30.42-1
9550196Palmero Giri Necklace$6.19-1
9527808Palmero Giri Necklace$4.77-1
9519658Palmero Giri Necklace$33.38-1
9515210Palmero Giri Necklace$4.81-1
9510743Palmero Giri Necklace$0.08-1
9498101Palmero Giri Necklace$6.58-1
9495358Palmero Giri Necklace$12.80-1
9452245Palmero Giri Necklace$3.78-1
9404013Palmero Giri Necklace$5.70-1
9386514Palmero Giri Necklace$16.10-1
9346847Palmero Giri Necklace$0.000